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The Greater Valley Chamber Calendar will help keep you informed about upcoming meetings, events and programs. It is easy to use and includes safe and secure online event registration. You can even choose to have an email reminder sent to you prior to any meeting or event.

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Event DateApptEvent Name
4/22/2014   Women In Networking
4/23/2014   Seeds to Leads Networking Group
4/23/2014   Success In 60: Young Driver Program
4/25/2014   The Disability Dilemma: What's an Employer to Do?
4/30/2014   Coffee Chat
5/1/2014   Technology Council
5/7/2014   Valley Business Network
5/9/2014   Leadercast - Greater Valley Chamber
5/13/2014   Women In Networking
5/14/2014   Seeds to Leads Networking Group
5/14/2014   20th Annual BHcare Employment Salute
5/16/2014   Healthcare Council
5/21/2014   Valley Business Network
5/27/2014   Women In Networking
5/28/2014   Seeds to Leads Networking Group
6/4/2014   Valley Business Network
6/5/2014   Technology Council
6/10/2014   Women In Networking
6/11/2014   Seeds to Leads Networking Group
6/18/2014   Valley Business Network
6/20/2014   Healthcare Council
6/23/2014   18th Annual Greater Valley Chamber Golf Classic
6/24/2014   Women In Networking
6/25/2014   Seeds to Leads Networking Group
7/2/2014   Valley Business Network
7/3/2014   Technology Council
7/8/2014   Women In Networking
7/9/2014   Seeds to Leads Networking Group
7/16/2014   Valley Business Network
7/18/2014   Healthcare Council
7/22/2014   Women In Networking
7/23/2014   Seeds to Leads Networking Group
8/6/2014   Valley Business Network
8/12/2014   Women In Networking
8/20/2014   Valley Business Network
8/26/2014   Women In Networking
9/3/2014   Valley Business Network
9/9/2014   Women In Networking
9/17/2014   Valley Business Network
9/23/2014   Women In Networking
10/1/2014   Valley Business Network
10/6/2014   Greater Valley Restaurant Week 2014
10/14/2014   Women In Networking
10/15/2014   Valley Business Network
10/28/2014   Women In Networking
11/5/2014   Valley Business Network
11/11/2014   Women In Networking
11/19/2014   Valley Business Network
11/25/2014   Women In Networking
12/3/2014   Valley Business Network
12/9/2014   Women In Networking
12/17/2014   Valley Business Network
12/23/2014   Women In Networking
12/31/2014   YEP Annual Membership
1/7/2015   Valley Business Network
1/13/2015   Women In Networking
1/21/2015   Valley Business Network
1/27/2015   Women In Networking